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Optimalisasi Peran Bumdes dalam Menangkap Peluang Usaha Bersama Kioson, Kuningan, 18 Desember 2017

His name is Sandi Nugraha (28 years old), young and energetic. When Kioson’s CSR team met him, he had a bright expression on his face. Sandi, was one of the luckiest people who got help with Kioson’s tablet. Sandi confessed he was happy, he used to rely solely to an android smartphone and his income were lacking. But now, with Kioson’s tablet everything is much easier.


He came from Sindang Agung Village, Kuningan, West Java and told us that he started his business since February 2017. Unlike the other entrepreneurs, Sandi who started his business with a very small capital certainly has nothing much to do. With one android smartphone, he tried looking for something that can be utilized.  That was when Sandi found his opportunity when he was hanging out with his friends.


He was aware that his friends were happy playing with their smartphones. Whether to take a selfie, connecting through the social media, or just following what’s trending. The need around his environment was indeed very dependent of smartphones. That’s why mobile pulse and data package became on of their essential needs.


Sandi noticed this business opportunity. According to him, there is a high demand internet data packets among young people and it keeps growing until today. So with a very small capital, Sandi began his business. He started with his own friends.

At first, he was nervous when he offered mobile pulse to his friends. Instead he got teased. But he remained patient, he was not affected. He knew very well the challenge was indeed heavy. Not as easy as you imagined. Even though he was only selling pulse.

A month later, his business started to walk through slowly. He started having customers although you can count them by fingers. But Sandi remained patient. His turnover were small. Only a few hundred thousand IDR only. But little by little, with the profit he collected through selling mobile pulse he could add up his capital and sell more mobile pulse.


After 7 months, he finally had a small store named Sandi’s Mobile Pulse Store. That’s when he met one of Kiosons agent in his village. Don’t want to miss the opportunity, he searched more about Kioson. He was curious with Kioson’s mobile business. His business was already qualified to cooperate with Kioson. He also ventured to sign up as a partner of Kioson. He was officially one of Kioson’s Partner on September 2017.




The next two months, Sandi started to feel the benefits. If previously his transaction for mobile pulse was 1-5 voucher per day, after joining Kioson it increased to 5 – 10 transactions per day. Not only for mobile pulse, his neigbour started asking how to send money through his mobile application.


In mid-December 2017, Sandi was selected as one of Kioson Partners who got a table as a form of corporate responsibility to society, through the program “Digitizing SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES Together With Kioson ” (or Digitalisasi UMKM Bersama Kioson”).

With the help of Kioson tablet, Sandi who was interviewed in Kuningan some time ago, admitted his business is more advanced now. It is also easier to provide services because of the existence of the Kioson’s Tablet because the customer can view the products more better than from a screen of  android smartphone. In addition, his products are more varied now. In a week he has to top up his balance twice around 200,000 – 300,000 IDR.

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